August 24th, 2019



Peated Whisky

Peatin' Meetin's feature is, of course, the whisky.  The smoky, earthy, flavors found most famously in Islay scotch are on display with bottles from all over the globe.  Some of our favorite brands will have their own table to show off their peated wares.  The Scotch Clubs will also bring smoky rarities to make the night even more special. 






Since its inception, food has always been a big part of Peatin' Meetin'.  It was, after all, begun as a backyard BBQ with scotch included.  Not just any meat will do, however.  Grillfellas smokes our BBQ over Irish peat, imported by Sneaky Peat. The flavor is perhaps unique to anything else in America.  And it's REALLY delicious too.


peatin meetin a-36.jpg




Peatin' Meetin' is a festival at heart.  We have live Celtic Rock Music playing throughout the night.  Returning this year... The Peatheads!







Pipes and Sticks Cigar Lounge

For those who appreciate quality tobacco with their quality whisky, Peatin' Meetin' has a cigar lounge complete with comfy furniture.  RELAX and have a scotch and cigar.

Peat 2016_356.jpg




You can't have peat-smoked BBQ without peat.  Our supplier for bona-fide dug-out-of-Ireland chunks of peat is North Carolina's Peter Baker of Sneaky Peat .  Contact him to learn everything there is to know about peat... plus more.